Saturday, February 23, 2013

Madani Inamaat Desktop Software

    Madani Inamat


About "Madani Inaamat Desktop Application"

  • User Accounts – Islami Brother 72 (Create, Edit, Delete Accounts, Remember Password, Recover Password and User Name Functions)
  • Fill Madani Inamat Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and Qufl-e-Madina Sections.
  • Simple User Interface (Easy One Click Answer Procedure)
  • Remember Last Answered Question (Start From Where You Left Off)
  • View and Finalize Monthly Performance (Kaarkardagee)
  • Send Performance to Nigraan (Via Outlook, Default E-Mail Client or SMTP)
  • Save Performance as Image or text file, or Print it.
  • View Monthly Status (Most Fulfilled Questions to Least Fulfilled for that Particular Month)
  • View Yearly Status (Monthly Achievements, Total Madani Inams fulfilled for that Year)
  • Reminder Alarm to fill Madani Inamat. (For Each User Separately)
  • Remember and Save Complete History of Your Madani Inamat Activities. ( View Madani Inamat activity for any date by giving the specific date in the home page and clicking the respective tabs)
  • Portability - Just Copy the Madani Inamat Folder into a Pen Drive, You can now run Madani Inamat Directly from the Pen Drive on any Computer. (By default this folder is located in ‘C:\Program Files\Dawat-e-Islami\Madani Inamat\’) – Make sure the computers have .Net Frame work 2.0 Installed.
  • Complete Data Integration Across Platforms (When Madani Inamat gets launched for Mobiles phones, iOS Devices, Windows Mobile and Android devices, You can use the same data files, meaning you can shift your user accounts to and from different devices and computers. (You can use your Mobile Phone and Home Computer to fill Madani Inamat without Creating separate user Accounts for both devices.)
  • Shift/Backup User Accounts to Other Computers. (For more Information View Help File)

Features and Versions Coming Soon

  • Create Islami Behen, Student (Jamia) Accounts.
  • View Madani Inamat Questions in Different Languages.
  • Madani Inamat Mobile Versions. (Android, Windows Mobile, Ios, J2me)