Friday, May 5, 2017

Ulama of Arab Meets With Ameer e AhleSunnat Maulana Ilyas Qadri

When Ulama of Arab Meets With
Ameer e AhleSunnat Maulana Ilyas Qadri

                      Written by Hazrat Mufti Ali Asghar Sahib on the 5th Sha’baanul Mu’azzam 1438 corresponding with 3rd May 2017.
Translated by Abdun Nabi Hamidi on the 6th Sha’baanul Mu’azzam 1438 corresponding with 4th May 2017.
I returned home just a while ago, Ameer e Ahle Sunnat Hazrat Moulana Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadri had invited Ulama of Arab (for a meal). Arab Ulama, who came to attend the Sufi Conference (held in Karachi Pakistan), were the guests of Ameer e Ahlesunnat (for the evening).
What transpired there, its effects are still overwhelming on the hearts and I thought I should write about it before I sleep.
It was a gathering of Sufi masters. Mutual respect and Adab was evident, as the saying goes, the value of gem is known to the dealer in gems, we saw this today in a practical style. The condition of my heart is such that it wants to jump out due to the spiritual ecstasy.
Shaikhul Mashaikh Sayyidi Abdul Aziz Al-Khateeb (a descendant of Huzoor Ghous Paak) has come from Damascus Syria, he is the author of more than 100 books. He said:
“If Allah Almighty asked me on the Day of Judgment, did you spend some time in the company of a pious person, I will say, yes, I have spent some time with Sheikh Ilyas Qadri”.
Sheikh Naasir Al-Hoot, who is regarded as an unsurpassed orator in the Arab world, he is a resident of Halab city in Syria. He said:
“Some people re alone, but they are stronger than a big crowd” he recited some verses of the Glorious Qur’aan in support of his statement, and he said further:
“(The name) Maulana Ilyas Qadri is not a name of an individual person, rather it is the name of an identity of the religion of Islam.
Mufti Sheikh Riyaz Baazu said: "Sometimes it happens that the tongue is silent, but the communication is taking place with the eyes, but the sheikh Ilyas Qadri in whose presence we are now sitting, at this point our eyes and tongues are shut but the heart and the Rooh (soul) is communicating with him. And a real Sheikh is that who delivers one from Qaal (mere words) to Haal (the feeling of being in the proximity of Allah Azza Wa Jal)

A great scholar who came from Baghdad, he is Khateeb of the Masjid of Huzoor Sayyiduna Ghous ul A’zam (May Allah be pleased with him) and member of Iraqi Parliament, Sheikh Jaraad said:

“I am very fortunate that I am present in the court of Sheikh Ilyas Qadri.” He further said, “Madani Channel is the third most viewed channel in my house, even though we don’t understand Urdu, we still keep watching Madani Channel”
Mufti of Darul Ifta of Al-Azhar Shareef Egypt, Mufti Mustafa Zaghlool Shaf’ee Qaadiri said:
“Taa, the first alphabetic letter of the word “Tasawwuf” actually means Kashf (A spiritual inspiration and spiritual visibility). We are experiencing that (Kashf) in this gathering” he further said, “Amer e Ahle Sunnat has kept his (high ranking) spiritual station hidden” Sheikh Mustafa kept begging from the court of Huzoor Ghous Paak while holding the hand of Ameer e AhleSunnat as Waseelah.
Sheikh Faisal Mahmood who came from Kenya and he himself is a great Soofi master, he was in an amazing spiritual colour of state. He said, my father continuously keeps watching you (Ameer e AhleSunnat) on Madani Channel, though he does not understand Urdu, but he gets very happy to see you. Sheikh Faisal presented water to Ameer e AhleSunnat and said, please drink some from it and give me your leftover mouth-touched water to drink.
There was much more which we heard and learnt from this gathering of Urafaa’ (individuals who are blessed with the recognition of Allah). This was the gathering of people of Haal, somethings which happened there were beyond comprehension. For example, Sheikh Abdul Aziz (prince of Huzoor Ghous Paak) while departing, turned back and gave his hand in the hand of Ameere Ahle Sunnat and invited other Ulama of Arab to do the same in exactly the same manner as the hand is placed when doing Bai’at. 10 to 12 people had their hands in the hand of Ameere Ahle Sunnat for quite a while, but I could not hear anything from the lips of Ameere Ahle Sunnat, even though I was standing very close to him (so this remains secret what was being given and what was being taken and what communication took place between the Urafaa’ in that time). 
When the guests were leaving, after seeing all this between these great Soofi masters, the heart was saying “what is the need to go out from the court of Murshid? Sacrifice yourself on the feet of your Murshid (Ameere Ahle Sunnat in the case of writer). After seeing the station of your Murshid in the sight of other great Mashaikh, it is not a good thing to go away from the court of your Murshid. But emotions are just emotions, we have a responsibility to see-off the guests as well, I had to go out. Nevertheless, I had to go anyway when I thought about the resting time of Ameere Ahle Sunnat.
While coming home I was thinking the whole way, those people who met Ameere Ahle Sunnat for the first time, those who have thousands of their own Mureeds and students, who came from different parts of the world, many of them are Ulama, most of them hold PhD doctorate degrees, and they are experts in different branches of Islamic knowledge. First they were sitting silent showing Adab in the presence of Ameere Ahle Sunnat, then they were requesting Ameere Ahle Sunnat to make Dua for them and then they started saying all these wonderful things about Ameere Ahle Sunnat with their own free-will.
After listening to such faith-nurturing words of those great scholars, the love, respect and devotion of my Murshid Kareem is increased and my heart and mind are illuminated.
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