Benefits of Planting Trees

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    Aug 18 2022
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    Social Media Dawat-e-Islami
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Trees and plants are Allah Almighty’s great blessings. Trees play an important role from various aspects in our life. Trees do not go anywhere. They are standing in the same place. They neither swim nor fly nor crawl nor walk nor run but they are performing a very important task while standing in the same place. They are making food for themselves and for us. The entire food chain is fed by the food manufactured by trees.

Trees provide us with oxygen. Wood, shade, paper, all of them are attained through trees. There are many such medicines which can be attained from the herbs and shrubs of plants, their roots and from inside the plants.

Planting trees has a positive effect on environmental pollution and climate change. Plantation is the most effective strategy to reduce carbon dioxide in urban areas because trees absorb carbon from the atmosphere and emit oxygen in the air and provide it to us. And according to a research, a big tree fulfils the need of oxygen for four people every day. And the same big tree also absorbs 48 pounds of carbon dioxide throughout the year.

Trees have quite a good impact on human psychology as well as decreasing the carbon in houses. According to a research of NASA, house plants clean more than 50% toxins i.e. poisonous stuff from the air in houses. Concentration of productivity and the productive ability of work also increase. Hence, if we live our life with these plants, we will remain safeguarded from psychological diseases as well.

Similarly, plantation is beneficial in hospitals too because by looking at greenery and walking in it, the speedy healing of surgeries, infections and many other diseases has been observed. Similarly, when a tree is planted, birds will come as well. By hearing the birds’ voices and observing the trees swaying in the wind, attention is diverted and less painkillers are used and patients’ stay in the hospitals also decreases. Let me share a startling fact with you. The place where you work and frequently visit it, plant a sapling in that place. You will attain the feeling of energy and the atmosphere and air will become clean there.

Trees play a vital role in the fight against the effects of global warming. Trees prevent the effect of hot weather because the sun’s rays fall on concrete things, sand, roads or on buildings, they are reflected back into the air and make it hot. But when the same hot rays hit a tree, the tree absorbs them and with the help of this heat and rays, it makes its food through photosynthesis. And at this time, the challenges and hardships which the entire world is encountering, a big solution to them is plantation especially for global warming, climate change, pollution and for long-term planning for the pandemic.

Planting trees helps to avoid landslides because their roots retain the soil in place, decreasing soil erosion and landslides. Protecting and increasing the number of trees can help to lower the severity of the temperature and save lives from landslides. In order to cope with the changing climate, environment-friendly practices must be implemented, and this practice can be used to restore the ecosystem in the form of planting.

In this scientific era, buses, trucks, trains, factories, waste, and other smoke-emitting things are polluting the atmosphere. Living beings are having difficulty inhaling, and different terrible diseases are attacking humans as a result of this harmful smog. Hence, in today’s machine age, it has become vital to plant trees on a huge scale in order to make the atmosphere environment-friendly because they are an excellent way to reconnect with nature.

So, plant trees, save the environment and save lives.

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